Why use an intraoral scanner?

  • The scanner will quickly pay for itself through decreased material costs.
  • Faster and more accurate than traditional impressions.
  • No more impressions!  Your patients will thank you.

How does it work?

The patented handheld scanner, which is similar in size to an electric toothbrush, is scanned over the patient’s teeth.  As it scans, a 3D model is created from the data received from the scanner.  In a few short minutes, a full model can be made and sent off to the lab!

What comes with my subscription agreement?

  • Patented IODIS intraoral scanner.
  • Top of the line Windows laptop/desktop with i7 processor.
  • All the software needed to scan, fill out prescriptions, contact a lab, and save to your own private cloud storage.
  • Coming soon! Top of the line medical cart with an on board battery.
  • Touch screen monitor.
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Full hardware/software support for the duration of the 48 month subscription agreement.


Only $471 monthly as a subscription!

A slimmed down option is also available that includes the scanner and laptop only. This smaller offering is $421 monthly.

How do I get started?

  1. Download and fill out the credit application from the link below.
  2. Email it to the address contained inside.
  3. The finance company will send you the contract for you to sign.
  4. Once you are approved, you will be contacted and welcomed to the digital community by a Clon3D support agent.

Welcome to the digital revolution!