SpectroShade™ Micro is the answer to all your dental color measurement and testing needs. The patented SpectroShade system uses a digital camera connected to a LED spectrophotometer to recognize colors as they really are. The measured spectral data analyzed by the SpectroShade™ Micro is not influenced by the lighting in your studio or by any other environmental conditions affecting vision.

The SpectroShade™ Micro reads the color of the tooth and formulates the closest available chromatic match based on existing standards for reconstruction.  It calculates the numerical difference between the natural tooth and the selected color in terms of brightness, chroma and hue, providing the laboratory with comprehensive information to facilitate its work.  The SpectroShade™ Micro can analyze and identify the color of a tooth over its entire area.  Images and spectral data can be saved on the SpectroShade™ Micro’s internal memory and transferred to a PC.

How it works
The SpectroShade™ Micro device is a patented self-contained unit composed of a spectrophotometer operating in a user-friendly Linux® ambient operating system that is perfectly compatible with the Microsoft Windows® and Macintosh® platforms.  The spectrophotometer is a LED application, with a special design for each wavelength.  When the measure button is pressed, the light source creates, at different intervals, the entire spectrum of visible light.  The colors are carried along a special light path divided into two optic guides that illuminate the target tooth by converging light symmetrically on the target area.  The image of the target tooth, illuminated by the colored light, is then reflected onto a special Black and White CCD sensor located at the terminus of the optic system.  This CCD sensor reads the data in the visible range from about 400nm to 700nm.  The described system is so sophisticated that it measures spectrophotometric data and shows perfect color images using only a Black and White CCD.  The internal computer analyzes over 2 million reference points every time an image is acquired, as well as driving all the functions of the instrument.

When you acquire a tooth image, you can see the target area on the high-brightness Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), in order to take the best image. In addition, the Touch-Screen display also provides information about each specific patient contained in a database that supports the ability to link voice recorded messages to each image. The SpectroShade™ Micro can transfer the images and spectrophotometric data to the PC in 3 ways: via USB, Wireless LAN or SD CARD, which can later be sent to the laboratory in real time by e-mail or in CD-ROM format. Images can then be compared to a comprehensive library of shade and composite standards to determine the best shade.

MHT has taken the time to prove the efficacy of the SpectroShade™ brand with clinical studies. You have the peace of mind knowing that when you are using a SpectroShade™ Micro, the data you are acquiring is 100% accurate.

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